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Amanda Antico, EdD


Amanda Antico, EdD is Founder and CEO of EvolvED, an education consultancy and competency development PBC that focuses on how organizations, cities and corporations engage actively in the collective whole. As a leading educator, she believes that social entrepreneurship has the potential to change the world. Amanda teaches at several universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, and advises several start-ups and social enterprises, combining her research capabilities with her practical, entrepreneurial expertise.


Prior to EvolvED, Amanda was responsible for the launch and strategy of Open Mind, a new methodology for linking TV to learning as part of the Saylor Academy’s set of free courses. As a consultant, she has worked for a variety of clients, including BlackBoard, Education Design Lab, Georgetown University, and Rising Tide Capital. In 2012, Amanda and her 7-year old daughter co-created Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand, a organization that has taught hundreds of kids, aged 7-11, how to create their own companies through an online badging program using creativity, risk, passion, and empathy. 

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