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Annalies Corbin, PhD

Instructional Unit Design Supervisor

Annalies Corbin, PhD is an anthropologist and President & CEO of the PAST Foundation, XAL's Instructional Unit Design Partner. Well known for her anthropological work in the area of Shipwreck Archaeology, Annalies's research focused on the intersection of archaeological investigations and public participation, including K-12 education. Combining her passion for research with public outreach and engagement, she envisioned PAST could lead the way to connecting scientific research with classrooms, schools and communities. From a single school partnership in 2006, Annalies has grown PAST’s partnerships across the nation, building a reputation for both transforming educational delivery and understanding emerging 21st century education. As a result of her success, Annalies has been recognized for her accomplishments in The Women’s Book Magazine, 2010-2011 and in 2012, STEMconnector listed her among the top 100 Women Leaders in STEM education.

Annalies received her baccalaureate and master degrees in Anthropology and Maritime Archaeology from the Universities of South Dakota and East Carolina. The University of Idaho awarded her a doctorate in Anthropology and History.

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