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Katie Fitzgerald

Education Outreach

Katie Fitzgerald is the Project Director for the Aspen Challenge, a program of the Aspen Institute that provides a platform for young people to design solutions to some of today’s toughest societal issues. This program is conducted in inner city schools in major cities across the country and provides structure, training, and inspiration to High School students to create an implementable solution to an issue evidenced in their community. They are challenged to create solutions that result in a better future for themselves and their neighborhoods. 

Prior to launching the Aspen Challenge program, Katie was a project manager for the Seminars Department, the Aspen Ideas Festival Scholars Program and Scholarship Manager for the Aspen Institute. In these assignments she was involved in managing Aspen Seminars and part of the Aspen Global Leadership programs in Aspen. Katie is also a proud board member of Girls on the Run and the Food Pantry Lift Up.

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