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Michael Schott


Mike Schott is the Director of Community Development for Kaufman Development, where he is responsible for investor relations, business development and community relations. During his tenure at Kaufman, Mike has also served as the Director of the Gravity Project, which is a 10-acre mixed use development in downtown Columbus, OH that will consist of over 1 million+ SF once completed. The Gravity Project intends to harness gravity as a force for the development of unique communities; bringing like-minded people, programs, and spaces together. In that way, a collective consciousness forms that positively impacts the world-at-large.

In addition to Mike’s responsibility at Kaufman, he is also a trustee of the Harold C. Schott Foundation, a private family foundation headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mike oversees the Central Ohio and National philanthropic strategy and also serves on the investment committee for the foundation. In addition to his role on the XAL Advisory Board, he holds leadership positions on several non-profit boards including The James Cancer Foundation, the Create Columbus Commission, Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus, and Junior Achievement of Columbus. 

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