Explorer At Large's tag line or motto, visible in our logo, is Curiositas Ad Infinitum,  Latin for "curiosity without limi​ts" or "infinite curiosity." Curiosity lies at the core of learning, the core of science, and the core of exploration. If you distill the driving force of great explorers like mountaineer George Mallory or great scientists like physicist Albert Einstein to a single  quality or element, it comes down to curiosity.


When people asked Mallory what drove mountaineers to risk their lives to climb peaks like Mount Everest, he replied "because it's there"––the epitome of curiosity-driven action.

When people asked Einstein what led to his success as a theoretical physicist, he replied "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."


Curiosity-driven, problem-based learning––inspiring young minds to focus on the process of questioning more than the memorization of answers––is what Explorer At Large brings to PreK-12 students around the world so that millions of boys and girls are inspired and empowered, like Mallory and Einstein before them, to make great accomplishments for humankind.

Curiosity is the Key

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