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“Explorer At Large has been a phenomenal program to implement. Students have a natural curiosity for science and absolutely loved getting to do incredibly engaging labs and many hands-on activities. I would recommend this program to teachers at other schools!”

- M. Karg, Teacher


The Explorer At Large ecosystem consists of four primary components to help turn students into explorers:

• Videos

• Activities

• Field Trips

• Family Moments

Why an ecosystem? Because in order for an education initiative to connect deeply with students, lessons must have meaning within a larger real-world context. We also want to ensure that learning is not limited to the classroom, that it becomes personal and extends into the family unit and the community to encourage long-term benefit and positive impact.

Broadly, the XAL Ecosystem operates as follows:

XAL Videos invite students to observe exploration.

XAL Activities guide students to practice exploration.

XAL Field Trips empower students to experience exploration.

XAL Family Moments inspire students to share exploration.

Working together in a "connected learning" model, these four components give students the chance to become explorers themselves and take the explorer's mindset and explorer's skillset from the classroom into their communities and families.

To learn more about each part of the ecosystem, please click below.

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