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"My daughter does not normally come home and talk about what was done in the classroom, but in this program, she came home and shared all the stuff she’s been learning. That was really unusual. Most of the time, I need to pull details out of her and what she’s learning. As a mom, I think Explorer At Large is exciting and fun." 

L. Holbert, Parent

Explorer At Large Family Moments inspire students to share exploration.

It is not enough for students to experience the world of Explorer At Large in classrooms. We want students to eagerly take their curiosity, courage,  and learning back to their families for honest, inquisitive dialogue and discoveries at home.

Explorer At Large (XAL) Family Moments inspire students to share exploration, fostering opportunities for the exchange of knowledge between students and their parents or caregivers.

As part of the XAL learning ecosystem, XAL Family Moments include joint viewing of XAL Videos, active discussion of XAL Activities, and joint parent/student involvement in XAL Field Trips and other outings to give students and their parents or caregivers a chance to become explorers together. This deepens agency and the explorer identity in students and broadens the ability of Explorer At Large to effectively change communities, one family at a time.


By watching Videos and doing Activities together as a family, Family Moments propel the XAL Ecosystem into another cycle of exploration and learning.

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