Two pilot studies of Explorer At Large in classrooms have been funded to date. These are:

Cohort 1 - SY2017-2018


Location: Columbus, Ohio

Number of Schools: 10 Districts: 6

Audience: 652 students, 21 teachers

Grades: K & 3 (in school) / 4-8 (afterschool)

Cohort 2 - SY2019-2020


Location: Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio

Number of Schools: 16 Districts: 11

Audience: 625 students, 31 teachers

Grades: K & 3 (in school)

The Results

In addition to being fun and having a positive impact on classrooms and communities, Explorer At Large pilot studies must give us the insights we will need to succeed at scale. To determine what works and what needs improvement, Explorer At Large turns to its students, teachers, trainers, and parents for feedback. To provide a professional, third-party assessment, we call on XAL's Research & Evaluation Partner, the STEM Research Center at Oregon State University. It is their candor (if not brutal honesty) that allows Explorer At Large to iterate with an engineer's mindset, improving the Explorer At Large program from one school year and implementation to the next.

The second pilot is currently going and, therefore, has not yet been evaluated. A copy of OSU's 77-page report on the SY2017-2018 Phase 1 pilot can be downloaded here or by clicking on the page icon.

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