XAL Field Trips

Explorer At Large (XAL) Field Trips empower students to experience exploration, bridging the classroom and community by providing connected, learning opportunities in nearby locations—local science centers, museums, zoos, nature centers, parks, or other community settings that represent authentic places for encountering scientific phenomena, or technology and engineering.


Enabling children to further experience, discover, observe, and collect beyond the school setting, students get to explore and meet professionals in much the same way Josh does in XAL videos.


XAL Field Trips demonstrate that exploration truly is a state of mind—one does not have to travel far to think, have fun, and marvel as an “explorer at large,” even in poorly resourced inner-cities. By providing students opportunities to explore sites in their own neighborhoods and surrounding regions can help strengthen a sense of pride in their own local communities, a sense of place, and, by extension, themselves.

XAL Field Trips are currently being developed for the Implementation Phase with an emphasis on resources in the Central Ohio area. As Explorer At Large makes progress toward the national launch of the Scale Up Phase, XAL Field Trips will expand into additional communities and settings, as well as offer scavenger hunts, virtual reality quests, and other technology-enabled opportunities for adventure and exploration.

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