Our Values

There are three specific qualities Explorer At Large (XAL) strives to inspire in students through the materials we create. These are Curiosity, Playfulness, and Wonder.


Children are born naturally curious, eager to explore the world around them. Our job at Explorer At Large is to pique curiosity and encourage students to value the process of asking questions as much as––if not more than–––finding answers. So come along on a journey where all questions are encouraged and each answer is merely a stepping stone to deeper inquiry.


Playfulness is a quality historically lacking in education. Explorer At Large seeks to change this, as we believe playfulness deepens engagement and enhances understanding.


Learning should not be at the expense of fun. In fact, it should be a driver of it, for young minds are more engaged when humor is involved. That glimmer in your eyes and smile on your face? More of that, please, as project-based learning and playfulness go hand-in-hand.


Curiosity asks the questions and Playfulness celebrates the journey, but it is Wonder that makes it all worthwhile. Embrace the wonders of life and learning becomes a joy. Make sure to smell the roses and appreciate the bigger picture. The XAL pedagogy links in-the-classroom learning with out-of-the-classroom experiences. 

At Explorer At Large, Curiosity, Playfulness, and Wonder combine to make learning both surprisingly fun and contextually rich.

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