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"I liked how Josh did funny stuff in the videos but then he also talked about science. I would like to watch more [XAL videos] and want them to be funny because when kids are learning, they usually like to watch something funny but it can also educate them.” 

- J. Van Dyne, Student

Explorer At Large Videos invite students to observe exploration.

Education begins with engagement. How does one engage students today? With compelling, immersive video content that brings the world of explorers and exploration from the field into the classroom. Hosted by award-winning television presenter and explorer Josh Bernstein, each 5-minute episode has a simple formula: Meet an expert, ask a question, work together to find an answer, and, most important of all, keep it adventurous and action-oriented. Want to learn about sedimentary rocks? Rappel into a cave with a geologist. Want to learn about aquifers? Go cave diving with a water scientist. Want to study how apex predators travel? Capture and tag sharks with a leading shark expert.

Every episode of XAL engages students to pay attention and observe exploration in the field as Josh and leading experts model real exploration. As a result, an exciting new world is brought into the classroom, giving students the chance to travel virtually, see how STEAM experts use the explorer's mindset in the field or lab, and possibly discover career paths and passions they never even knew existed.


Once students have observed exploration, it's time for the next step... XAL Activities.

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