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The mission of Explorer At Large (XAL) is to build a sacred connection between people and our planet. We do this through multi-media content and programs that spotlight STEM solutions, celebrate indigenous wisdom, and inspire wonder.


The vision of Explorer At Large is to engage and inspire a vibrant community of explorers to address global challenges in order to build an enlightened, sustainable, and equitable society.


We believe explorers* make some of the best role models, as they demonstrate in real life how certain virtues and values can contribute to one's success. 


Curiosity – Explorers are insatiably curious. Curiosity is the spark that ignites an Explorer’s passion to go beyond the known world in search of deeper understanding, meaning, and connection. Curiosity is the root of all exploration and, along with its cousins Creativity, Playfulness, and Humor, forms a foundation for lifelong learning and discovery. Curiosity is, in essence, an Explorer’s compass, guiding them in whatever direction their imagination may go.


Courage – If Curiosity asks the questions, Courage seeks the answers. An Explorer must have the Courage to leave the safety of home and hearth, to venture over distant horizons and beyond. As trailblazers, Explorers often set off on unmarked paths and it is Courage that takes the first step. An Adventurous Spirit, a sense of Wonder, and firm Resolve help Explorers set and stay their course.


Integrity – On every expedition, trials and tribulations will challenge the Explorer and test their commitment to the path. When times get tough, Integrity – along with Authenticity, Accountability, and Reliability—will keep an Explorer committed to their mission. As the saying goes, smooth seas don’t make for skillful sailors. When caught in a storm, Integrity is an Explorer’s ballast.


Persistence – On longer expeditions, Persistence must be part of an Explorer’s mindset. Time plays tricks on a mind under stress, and it is with Persistence — along with Discipline, Flexibility, and Fidelity – that an Explorer improves the chances of an expedition’s success. Persistence gives the Explorer the stamina to succeed.


Empathy – An Explorer needs Empathy to connect with others, to communicate and to lead, whether that’s on the trail or back at home. It is only with Empathy, Compassion, Humility, and Respect that an Explorer appreciates the larger context of life. It is also only through Empathy that an enlightened, equitable community can be built and sustained.


These virtues and values are a critical part of an explorer's mindset and a guiding force in what we aspire to foster at Explorer At Large. Equally important is an explorer's skillset of critical thinking, questioning, testing, and analyzing. This is what helps determine if an expedition was successful. We believe both the explorer's mindset and the explorer's skillset must be embraced if we are to successfully prepare for the challenges ahead and help improve our world.

*Explorer At Large considers all scientists, technicians, engineers, artists, mathematicians, and other STEAM experts to be explorers, seeking answers to questions that can benefit humanity.

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