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Our future demands that students think in creative and innovative ways. Explorer At Large believes in an active learning, student-centered pedagogy that supports a particular skillset and a particular mindset.

The Explorer At Large (XAL) skillset focuses on STEAM––Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Science-literacy is a necessity, not a luxury. Serious challenges––population growth, resource management, environmental changes, to name just a few––will require serious solutions. We need more scientists, engineers, inventors, and artists to lead our world not simply because it makes us more competitive in a global workforce but because our survival likely depends on it.  

The Explorer At Large mindset focuses on curiosity, creativity, innovation, persistence, and grit. These are key contributors to a child's success in the world, regardless of what they do. XAL content seeks to stimulate curiosity specifically because this is the first domino in a chain reaction into deeper learning. Creative and critical thinking and problem-based learning will benefit every child in life, whether he or she becomes a scientist or something else entirely.

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