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Welcome to Explorer At Large––a new initiative combining some of the greatest educators, researchers, early learning experts, production companies, distribution partners, and institutions of knowledge on our planet. Our mission is to improve PreK-12 education, and we believe that the key to unlocking the minds and sparking the passions of kids lies in one simple word: curiosity. Curiosity is how we plan to engage, inspire, and educate students around the world and change the face of formal education as we know it.


This website is designed primarily for educators and potential funders as we move from Pilot to Implementation to Scale Up. We hope you will join us and support our mission.



What We Make

How We Make It

We continuously iterate, adapt, and evolve from one cycle of content to the next.


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Our Partners

Explorer At Large works with a growing number of collaborators and partners to help us achieve our mission. If you are interested in exploring working with XAL, please use the Contact Form below.

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Bio: Amanda Antico

Amanda Antico, EdD


Bio: Mark Bezos

Mark Bezos

Marketing & Branding

Bio: Wade Davis

Wade Davis, PhD

Culture & Exploration

Bio: Katie Fitzgerald

Katie Fitzgerald

Education Outreach


Kimberlee Kiehl, PhD

Museum Partnerships

Bio: Meg Lowman
Bio: Tom Raffa

Michael Schott


Bio: Martin Storksdieck

Martin Storksdieck, PhD

Pedagogy & Research


Our Team

Bio: Josh Bernstein

Josh Bernstein

Founder & CEO

Bio: Josh Bernstein

Ashley Bloom

Afterschool Programs

Bio: Josh Bernstein

Andrew Bruening, PhD

Afterschool Programs

Bio: Martin Storksdieck
Bio: Martin Storksdieck

Annalies Corbin, PhD

Instructional Unit Design

Kat Deaner

Professional Development

Bio: Josh Bernstein

Emily Holmes

Pilot Program Coordinator

Bio: Martin Storksdieck
Bio: Martin Storksdieck
Bio: Martin Storksdieck
Bio: Martin Storksdieck

Heather Kellert

Professional Development

Sheli Smith, PhD

Instructional Unit Design

Martin Storksdieck, PhD

Research & Evaluation

Kelly Riedinger, PhD

Research & Evaluation


Help Us Make More Explorers

Explorer At Large already knows that kids all over the world love being explorers. Please help us inspire more!

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