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Explorer At Large offers professional development workshops for teachers participating in its Partner Locations program. For the past two years, these workshops have taken place in Ohio (Columbus and Cleveland).

XAL PD workshops, organized by First Light Ventures and hosted by the PAST Foundation, offer teachers in Ohio the opportunity to become familiar with the Explorer At Large program prior to implementation.


This includes:

  • Introduction to the Explorer At Large team and our mission, vision, and values

  • Pre-implementation questions from Oregon State University to benchmark research needs 

  • Introduction to the XAL pedagogy, learning environment, and ecosystem

  • Review of XAL Videos 

  • Discussion of how Videos align with Common Core & Next Generation Science Standards

  • Review of XAL Activities, including supplemental materials, kits, and supplies

  • Breakout sessions to complete XAL Activities and worksheets

  • Re-group for discussion of Activities and ways to customize or enhance for each grade or classroom

  • Sharing of further readings, other videos, additional experiments, and supportive websites, if appropriate

  • Continued online community engagement and support with staff from Explorer At Large and the PAST Foundation to facilitate implementation

  • Periodic check-ins and support from Oregon State University staff regarding research study needs and evaluation timelines

  • Post-implementation questions to inform teaching, guide learning, and improve XAL efficacy

To date, XAL PD Workshops have taken place for teacher cohorts in person. However, as we explore bringing XAL to classrooms around the US and the world, we plan to create digital portals that allow us to use instructional videos and online communities to leverage the reach and scalability of technology.

If you are a teacher or educator who would like to learn more about XAL PD Workshops, please contact us.

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